Township Hack tool & Cheats Get Unlimited Free Cash & Coins 2018

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About Township and Our Hack

Township is a city-building game developed by Playrix. The game was first launched on Facebook as a flash application. It rose in popularity and was later launched on IOS, Google play and Amazon store.

The essence of the game is to develop your initial or starter town by harvesting crops and selling goods. T-cash is the main currency in the game and it is crucial for performing different actions in the game. Gathering experience points (called XP) is the way to level up in the game.

Coins are used in the game to buy buildings, factories, and decorations. Different types of buildings and factories appear when you progress in the game by leveling up.


The game starts with a tutorial from the NPC Ernie. He gives you the basic instructions on what to do. At the start of the game, you can choose to invite your friends or do that later. The next step is to start producing items with the factories that you started with. You should also start planting crops and harvesting them. When you complete a task you will be rewarded with township coins and sometimes township cash. There are points in the game where the tasks needed are crucial to the gameplay. At level 17, you are expected to restore the airport. This will enable you to fly your goods and produce to further places in the game. You need to restore the port, which is unlocked at level 29. The port will enable you to buy ships to buy fruits from nearby islands. These fruits are important when playing co-op mode. Restoring the zoo means that you will be able to buy animals.

The game becomes more difficult as the game progresses and as you level up. A point quickly arrives in the game where not having the needed cash and coins will mean that you won’t be able to progress in the game. This is where cheats and hacks can be useful.


It’s very simple to get started all you have to do is follow the instructions below.

Township Hack Instructions

1. Enter Your Username or email ID 

2. Enter the number of Cash

3. Enter a number of Coins

4. Click Generate

How to Gain Infinite Cash and Coins

The game can generate thousands of stories and your ability to level up or progress in the game can be hampered greatly. Township hack make it possible to continue the game to pass the difficult stages. The township cheat will produce unlimited coins and cash to buy the new buildings and factories.

Passes are also a feature of the game that can be used to acquire or unlock new stories on the game. Unfortunately, these passes don’t come frequently and can make the player stay stuck at a level. Having a township hack or township cheat can also generate passes to move on in the game.


Township is a game that’s simple enough to be engaging and fun. You can play with friends by starting or joining the co-op mode. In the co-op mode, you can be a leader, elder, member or co-leader. The co-op mode brings tasks that have to be accomplished as a group to earn treasure chests and rewards.